Very simply, this "dream" was developed out of a deep desire to use the creative gifts that God has given me, both physical and spiritual, to further His kingdom. As a professional interior designer and a mother of two, God began to show me that the creative talents I have are gifts from Him, and that they can be used to change people's lives. Through extensive prayer, God has led me to turn this dream into a reality by forming a non-profit organization - Kingdom Design Ministries.
The main goal of this ministry is to uplift the name of Jesus Christ. The "room makeovers" are simply the platform that allows us to bring the spirit of God into people's homes. This opportunity offers more than just a pretty new room for the receiving family. Through this service we bring families closer together in Christ, they receive hope. We strive to help the individual child realize that they are valuable in God's eyes. To assure them that despite their circumstances, He has a purpose, a plan for their lives. They can make a difference in the world because "all things are possible to him that believes" Mark 9:23
Most of all, if anyone in the family has never accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior, we pray that this ministry will open the door to that opportunity. Our job is to be obedient to the call God has placed on our lives...then, leave the results up to Him!
In Christ,
Missy Johnson


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Oh Monday...

Monday, September 10th, our beautiful offices burned in a major fire at the Law building where our headquarters were housed.  As you can see by the picture, our space was a total loss.  We are truly blessed that no one lost their life in the blaze.  One firefighter was injured but non life threatening praise the Lord.  Our offices held all of our ministry documents as well as furniture, material donations and other items used in our room makeovers.  As we are a relatively new non profit, we had no insurance for our contents.
We have weeped and sorrowed at this tragedy, but God's word tells us, "weeping endures for the night, but Joy comes in the morning!" Praise God! it is morning!  He arose that morning and because of that we know our Redeemer lives!  This ministry is His and prayerful given to Him.  All we have is His and are is His...He will restore KDM completely.  We ask you to pray for this ministry as we go forward.  Pray for our peace and clarity of vision.  We ask you to help us be the mouthpiece for KDM by telling your friends.  Asking them to follow our blog and like our facebook page.  We are so blessed by your love and support.

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Missy Johnson - Director & Interior Designer

Donna H. Baumann - Project Coordinator & Interior Designer

Commited Volunteers - Ellen Barker, Shae Loveday, Eddie Huff, Emma McCollum, & Gerome Sparks

Andrea Carpenter, President
Tammi Ford, Secretary
Danez Black, Vice President, Fundraising Chair
Paul Monroe, Treasurer

Additional Mentors
We do have Business 'mentors' who help advise us as-needed in areas such as finances, marketing, business management, budgeting, etc... Once the need for a Board is established we feel very strongly that these two men will be members.

Carroll Trentham - Business Owner, Seymour TN

Tony Murrell - Business Owner, Maryville TN


In submission of our name to the state of Tennessee on June 2008, we are now recognized as "KINGDOM DESIGN MINISTRIES, Inc."

Our secretary of state control ID number is #0581561

Kingdom Design Ministries is a 501 (c)3 organization as of October, 2011